Winnowing of 1,400 dolphins in Faroe Islands triggers outrage

The government of the Faroe Islands, an autonomous Danish territory, faced an outcry on Tuesday over the winnowing of more than 1,400 white-sided dolphins in a day in what was supposed to be the single greatest chase in the northern archipelago.

“There is no question that the Faroese whale chases are a dramatic sight to individuals unfamiliar to the chases and butcher of mammals,” a government spokesman told AFP.

“The chases are, all things considered, efficient and completely regulated,” he said.

Traditionally, the North Atlantic islands – which have a populace of around 50,000 individuals – chase pilot whales and not dolphins, the spokesman said.

“There are generally a couple of them in the ‘granulate’, yet we ordinarily don’t kill a huge number,” said a neighborhood television journalist, Hallur av Rana.

The “grindadrap” is a training whereby the trackers first surround the whales with a wide semi-circle of fishing boats and afterward drive them into a cove to be stranded and slaughtered.

“It looks quite extreme and it took some time to kill them all, while it’s generally pretty speedy,” av Rana said.

Photos showing the bloodied carcasses of more than 1,000 Atlantic white-sided dolphins on the sea shore sparked outrage on social media.

As per av Rana, albeit some 53% of the islands’ populace are against the “crush”, there no designs to annul the training. The specialists demand it is a practical method of hunting.

Ocean Shepherd, a cause that campaigns against the hunting of whales and dolphins, described it as a “boorish practice”.

As per neighborhood gauges, there are around 100,000 pilot whales in the waters around the Faroe Islands and around 600 were killed last year.


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