Max Verstappen given three-place matrix penalty for Lewis Hamilton crash

Max Verstappen given three-place matrix penalty for Lewis Hamilton crash. Max Verstappen has been given a three-place penalty for the following race after his crash with Lewis Hamilton at the Italian Grand Prix.

Championship rivals Verstappen and Hamilton collided while battling for position at Turn 1 halfway through the race. Hamilton held the inside line to Turn 1 and appeared to be ahead, despite the fact that Verstappen had forced his vehicle into the inside line for the left-hander which followed.

The pair banged haggles vehicle ended up on top of Hamilton’s in the rock trap.

The stewards reviewed the incident after the race and declared Verstappen “predominantly to fault” for the incident. He will serve the penalty at the Russian Grand Prix. He has likewise been given two penalty points on his superlicence.

The decision clarified: “The Stewards saw on CCTV film that the driver of Car 44 [Hamilton] was driving a staying away from line, in spite of the fact that his position caused Car 33 [Verstappen] to go onto the kerb. However, further, the Stewards saw that Car 33 was not in any manner alongside Car 44 until essentially into the passage into Turn 1.

“According to the Stewards, this maneuver was attempted past the point of no return for the driver of Car 33 to reserve “the privilege to dashing room”. While Car 44 might have steered further from the kerb to keep away from the incident, the Stewards determined that his position was reasonable.”

The two drivers faulted the other for the incident.

Hamilton said Verstappen ought to have made a sly move across the kerbs to keep away from a crash, while Verstappen said Hamilton continued pressing him until he had nowhere else to go.

Verstappen’s penalty is a reverse of the outcome of their crash at the British Grand Prix, where Hamilton was found “predominantly to fault”. As that decision was given during the race, Hamilton served a period penalty at a refueling break, a choice not accessible to the stewards on this event.


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