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Jessica Simpson calls claims of Met Gala wardrobe malfunction



Jessica Simpson Photoshoot

 ‘inaccurate,’slams critic for body shaming

Jessica Simpson shares a nervy two-piece picture ahead of 40th birthday celebration: ‘YEE-HAW to my final days in my 30s’ The star took to Instagram on Friday to share a photograph of herself rocking another bovine print swimsuit from her Jessica Simpson Collection swimwear line. The 39-year-old fashion designer and singer paired the look with black, sheer concealment including trim embroidery and a black cap with gold embellishments. JESSICA SIMPSON CALLS CLAIMS OF MET GALA WARDROBE MALFUNCTION ‘INACCURATE,’ SLAMS CRITIC FOR BODY SHAMING s”YEE-HAW to my final days in my 30’s,” Simpson inscribed the depiction, which featured the mother of three glancing back at the camera.

The “Open Book” writer’s mark additionally shared a photo of the star modeling the new two-piece as she presented on the seashore.

Simpson’s birthday is on July 10.

The “Open Book” writer’s mark additionally shared a photo of the star modeling the new two-piece as she presented on the sea shore. A month ago, Simpson shared another photo of herself wearing a look from her leg muscles – this time, workout shorts and a matching sports bra.. In the picture, Simpson was drenched in sweat after an early morning workout meeting as she utilized her leg muscles, flaunting her incredibly toned calves. “Woke up before each of the 3 kiddos to get my means in and invest energy with me, myself, and I. Move for your own mental health. she captioned the photo.

In 2019, Simpson revealed her dramatic 100-pound weight reduction after the star brought forth little girl Birdie Mae. Her mentor, Harley Pasternak, revealed the previous fall that Simpson’s fit body is the result of her dedication to a more holistic post-child way of life.


Nigerian fashion label Tiffany Amber trades couture for PPE



Fashion show of Nigeria

Nigerian fashion label Tiffany Amber trades couture for PPE. These days, things look a little different when Folake Akindele Coker gets to her office. “I show up at 9am, all geared (up) for this invisible enemy,” she says. The 45-year-old designer and founder of Nigerian fashion label Tiffany Amber now starts each day with a 10-minute safety talk for her production team, “who at first didn’t seem to understand the gravity and the potential of being infected by the (Covid-19) virus.”

Coker founded Tiffany Amber in 1998, and it’s now considered one of Nigeria’s most influential fashion and lifestyle brands. Toward the beginning of March, the number of colorful prints and couture runway garments that normally littered the factory floor dissipated, and the company’s sewing machines began stitching hospital scrubs, gowns, stretcher sheets and non-medical face masks. Not exactly a month after the pandemic reached Africa, Tiffany Amber’s entire factory refocused to produce personal protective equipment (PPE), something Coker notes took colossal pressure to turn around.

To make the shift, Coker says the company first had to secure more than 15 tons of raw materials including approximately 90,000 yards of fabric, 300,000 yards of elastic, and almost a million yards of thread. All of this happened, she says, right before borders closed in Nigeria and prices spiked because of the unforeseen demand for materials.

As of mid-July, the World Health Organization shows Nigeria as having more than 30,000 total confirmed cases of coronavirus, the second-most on the continent behind South Africa. As Covid-19 cases rose and consumer spending fell, Coker saw an opportunity for her business to stay open – and to assist. “Our expertise in garment production helped facilitate this shift to bridge the hole in the supply of medical apparel,” she tells CNN.

The push for PPE

This pivot has been a trend in the private sector worldwide, as companies around the globe have switched apparatuses to supply the growing demand for PPE. According to the World Bank, Covid-19 has pushed sub-Saharan Africa into its first recession in 25 years, greatly impacting the continent’s biggest revenue drivers, for example, vitality, agriculture and manufacturing.

Globally, the extravagance market is also expected to recoil as much as 35% this year, as consumer spending strongly declines predominantly because of job loss, according to consulting firm Bain and Co. Efforts to make and source PPE in Nigeria have basically relied on private corporations working hand in hand with suppliers. While trying to stay solvent, Coker says Tiffany Amber is working with partners in the financial sector to fund and distribute the PPE products.

By early June, she notes, the fashion label had made approximately 500,000 cloth masks, 20,000 sets of sheets and pillowcases, 10,000 scrubs, 15,000 patient gowns and close to 5,000 careful gowns. In Tiffany Amber’s case, shifting to PPE production has had a far-fetched silver coating: job creation. Since March, Coker says her company has actually managed to grow from 100 employees to a staff of 300.

At the time of writing, Coker doesn’t anticipate returning to regular Tiffany Amber fashion production soon. But even as her company responds to the current reality, she continues anticipating when that day will come. “One brain is thinking about tomorrow morning and the other psyche is processing the next two years,” says Coker. “Subconsciously, I end up drifting away, putting together the next Tiffany Amber collection.”

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Kim Kardashian colors her hair red, while sister Khloé returns to brunette: ‘Do you love it?’



Kim Kardashian colors her hair red, while sister Khloé returns to brunette: 'Do you love it?'

Kim, who often makes substantial adjustments to her hair, had left her mane untouched during the coronavirus stay-at-home period in the midst of the continuous worldwide pandemic, and since urban communities are starting to reopen, Kardashian is changing with the occasions too. In the wake of disclosing to her fans that her “hair is going to be so healthy after this quarantined time” and prodding in March that she may go blonde after the quarantine was lifted, the “Staying aware of the Kardashians” star went in an entirely different direction and debuted a blazing look that sent fans into a frenzy. You folks I colored my hair red. Do you love it?” the excellent entrepreneur asked her fans on social media on Monday as she shared various looks debuting her recently colored red hair.

The mother of four wasn’t the main individual from the Kardashian group to switch up her look. To ring in her 36th birthday celebration throughout the end of the week, Khloe Kardashian traded her signature blonde locks for a glossy brunette sense of taste and posted various looks to her social media timeline from her party at sister Kylie Jenner’s Holmby Hills compound

Slide through and Tell me what your fav Kim K hair color is. My vote,” composed Appleton at that point, to which Kardashian responded, “Red.” The mother of four wasn’t the main individual from the Kardashian group to switch up her look. To ring in her 36th birthday celebration throughout the end of the week, Khloe Kardashian traded her signature blonde locks for a glossy brunette sense of taste and posted various looks to her social media timeline from her party at sister Kylie Jenner’s Holmby Hills compound .Birthday Glam. Tomorrow I’m flooding my course of events with party pics. Btw… I’m loving my brown hair,” Khloe wrote Monday on Instagram. “I never thought I would say that lol blonde still owns my heart yet this brown  colored is giving me a bit of something at the present time.” Khloe first teased that she had become attached to the new look in late May when she teased the new change and said she may be keeping it around somewhat longer. She likewise inspired quite the response from her ex Tristan Thompson, who’s the father to her 2-year-old girl True, when he remarked on her post with heart eyes and two fire emojis. Meanwhile, Kim and Khloé’s younger half-sister, Kylie Jenner, has been flaunting new hairdos extending from blonde to pink.

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Supermodel Joan Smalls promises a large portion of her wages to Black Lives Matter



While anti-racist fights proceed with day by day around the world and on the web, the fashion business winds up in the cross hairs of controversies. Brands and distributions have been called out by former workers for discrimination, and statements of solidarity, remembering the well-known utilization of black squares for social media on the side of Black Lives Matter, have been viewed as meaningless efforts in the face of foundational prejudice inside the business.

In response to this current atmosphere, supermodel Joan Smalls has decided to make a move – and she is calling on others to go with the same pattern. Promising portion of her wages for the rest of 2020 to Black Lives Matter associations, Smalls has propelled to empower those in the fashion and media outlets specifically to give a level of their wages – from hourly to yearly – to their preferred associations.

In a movie posted on, the 31-year-old Puerto Rico-conceived Smalls talks directly to the issue of racial discrimination inside the fashion business. “I see all the organizations, magazines, brands posting black screens on their Instagram accounts. Yet, what does that really mean? What is the fashion business really going to do about it? Is it simply one more trend?”

“This industry that profits from our Black and Brown bodies, our culture for consistent motivation, our music and our pictures for the visuals have tread lightly around the issues,” she proceeded. “You’re a piece of the cycle that sustains these cognizant practices.” “You have persistently let us down with your obtuseness and musical inability, and the damage control conciliatory sentiments of, ‘we will improve.'”

Smalls, who identifies as a “Black and Latina woman,” has fabricated an exceptionally effective modeling career in the course of the most recent decade, and said that during her career she has dealt with a “steady fight” against bigotry that she “lived regularly,” in an industry that “adores stereotyping us.” This includes picture takers not wanting to shoot her, “on the grounds that there’s no compelling reason to shoot a black young lady,” to magazines, brands and organizations proceeding to work with individuals “of that attitude,” just as beauticians and throwing director who might not work with models of color, since they were “not ready to treat us decently and give us a possibility.”

And keeping in mind that she made it clear in the film that proceeding to hire individuals who have shown racist ideas is a form of complicity that takes care of the “monster of bigotry and disparity,” she likewise expressed gratitude toward those in the business who had upheld her. “With a similar breath I couldn’t imagine anything better than to recognize those that saw me for me, who battled for me, I praise you, much obliged to you for being consistent with your ethics and not letting pressures from others shield you from doing what you knew to the be correct decision.”

At last, Smalls said she needn’t bother with “approval from an industry that gives me a role as a symbolic Black young lady, while overlooking my entire social identity.” Instead the thing she’s pursuing is “recognition of the orderly issues, the issues that emerge start to finish inside the business.” Looking to the future. Smalls advises her “adored fashion industry” that “this is your opportunity. The second that you make some noise and demonstrate that on the off chance that you care, on the off chance that you genuinely care, at that point show it, we see you. Do you see us now?”

Alongside giving a large portion of her wages until the year’s end, Smalls vowed to consider brands she works with responsible for their own activities, urging them to give monetarily and to execute approaches that would effectively advance inclusivity. “On the off chance that I as a solitary individual can do it, simply envision what we can do as a group to be the positive change the world needs.” “I encourage you to utilize your voice, utilize your infrastructure to support us,” she said. “I encourage every one of you to remain with us. Together we are stronger.”

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