Fresh Covid-19 outbreaks in China despite 1.6 billion vaccine portions, all made-in-China

The National Health Commission (NHC) of China last week reported that more than 1.6 billion portions of Covid-19 vaccine dosages were given to citizens in qualified age groups. This makes China the most-inoculated country in the world as far as the quantity of portions administered. Only made-in-China Covid-19 vaccines are given in the country.

Since the declaration, reports of various fresh Covid-19 outbreaks have hit China. Covid-19 has returned to Wuhan, the epicenter city from where the coronavirus pandemic spread to the entire globe. The most-influenced region is reported to be Jiangsu region.


China has been moderate in reporting Covid-19 cases since the start of the coronavirus outbreak in late 2019. Reports said introductory cases of Covid-19 in Wuhan were not recognized and put out in open area. China apparently even delayed reporting the outbreak to the World Health Organization (WHO).

With that set of experiences, China on Monday officially reported three cases of Covid-19 as non-imported, a first in more than a year, for Wuhan. In response, China suspended tasks of flights and prepares all through Wuhan on Tuesday.

China likewise reported mass coronavirus testing in Wuhan ascribing the fresh outbreak to the Delta variation that was first detected in Quite a while. The Delta variation of the SARS-CoV-2 has reached the city where the novel coronavirus was first detected in late 2019.


Chinese media sources, all constrained by the decision Communist Party of China (CPC), on Tuesday reported 96 fresh cases of Covid-19. Of these affirmed cases of coronavirus disease, 71 were recorded as neighborhood transmission and 25 as abroad cases.

Additionally, reports cited information from the National Health Commission to say that 27 new asymptomatic cases were recorded while 485 asymptomatic patients were under clinical perception. This signals that China may not be checking asymptomatic cases of Covid-19 as affirmed ones.

More territories – a few reports say 11 – have reported fresh cases of Covid-19. New patients were reported from urban areas, for example, capital Beijing and China’s greatest business center Shanghai. Notwithstanding, the official figures for these two urban communities are in single digits for neighborhood transmission cases.

In Jiangsu region, the outbreak started at the air terminal in its capital Nanjing. During contact-following, Chinese health specialists are said to have identified cases in 11 regions.


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