12 Traditional Malaysian dishes to eat

Need to find out about Malaysian food and cooking? The Malaysian food reflects the nation’s variety. Chinese, Indian, and Southeast Asian flavors represent the Malaysian cooking – a great blend of ingredients, procedures, and flavors.

It’s no secret that local people are pleased with their food since everything is so delicious. Run of the mill Malaysian food has probably the best flavor blends in the world. From the street food in George Town to Indian food and muslim food along the western coast – Malaysia offers the absolute most delicious dishes I’ve at any point tasted.

Here are 12 traditional dishes from Malaysia that you can taste for a nearby experience:

Singe Kuay Teow

No wonder why I love Malaysia so much, they are similarly as energetic about food as I am!

In case there’s one dish that you need to taste while you’re in the nation, it’s Char Kuay Teow. This is Malaysia’s form of Pad Thai and is made of singed rice noodles, shrimps, bean sprouts, chives, and egg.

Hokkien Mee

One of the dishes that are inspired by the Chinese food is Hokkien Mee. This dish comprises of singed noodles in different flavors.

There are different adaptations of this dish, like Hokkien Mee Hae (shrimp noodles), and my personal most loved called Hokkien Char Mee (singed noodles in dim soy sauce).

With regards to Malaysian food, it’s an unquestionable requirement to taste this dish!

Nasi Goreng

Nasi Goreng is perhaps the most exemplary dishes to eat in Malaysia. It’s made of singed rice with vegetables, garlic, and soy sauce. It’s a basic however delicious dish.

A few group eat Nasi Goreng with chicken or with shrimp, yet it’s basically the same without the meat.

Apam Balik

Apam Balik is a bite that initially comes from Sri Lanka, however is similarly as mainstream in Malaysia. It’s sold at pretty much every street market around of the country.

It’s practically similar to a crepe, however substantially more thick, raw, and firm. It’s loaded up including peanuts to corn, yet can likewise be eaten plain or along with a sweet santana sauce.

These are found all things considered “pasar malams” (nearby food showcases), and are amazing as a nibble in a hurry!

Nasi Champur

Nasi Champur is a traditional Indonesian dish that is normal to eat in Malaysia too. It’s made with white rice and little segments of meat, vegetables, peanuts, eggs, and seared prawn chips.

Depending on where you purchase your Nasi Champur it tends to be presented with different sorts of side dishes.

Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak is considered to be Malaysia’s public dish and is perhaps the most mainstream dishes to eat in the country.

The most widely recognized adaptation of Nasi Lemak is rice cooked in coconut milk finished off with hot sambal/stew sauce, presented with a bubbled egg and enveloped by banana leaves. Delicious!


Rendang is a Malaysian food that is made of coconut milk, flavors, and meat (chicken, sheep, or hamburger). It’s gradually cooked to assimilate every one of the flavors.

A typical dish can be tracked down all over Malaysia. It’s particularly famous to eat during neighborhood celebrations.

Roti Canai

Roti Canai is a straightforward Indian dish that is served for breakfast, yet additionally as a bite. It’s a cushioned Indian bread that is singed and served along with a curry.

This dish can likewise be eaten as a dessert, along with banana and condensed milk. It’s magnificent acceptable!

Ikan Bakar

Ikan Bakar is a fish and fish dish that is normal to eat at nearby food markets in Malaysia.

First you pick your fish/fish, then, at that point it’s marinated it in a hot and acrid sauce before it’s enclosed by banana leaves and barbecued over charcoal. It’s presented with a delicious sauce made from chilies, garlic, and lime.

Cendawan goreng

Cendawan goreng is a dish made of deep-seared mushrooms. It’s typically prepared with a grill and stew seasoning, which gives it that unique kick.


Satay is a well known dish from Indonesia, yet is similarly as famous in Malaysia. Satay is barbecued meat on sticks (chicken, hamburger, or pork), often presented with a delicious nut sauce.

It’s an exemplary dish to eat in Malaysia, so try to add it to your Malaysian food list of must-dos!


Laksa is a famous hot noodle soup with Chinese and Malaysian impacts.

It’s made in different manners with somewhat different ingredients depending on where you taste it. Some make it with fish and some with prawns.


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