11 Most attractive places to visit in Morocco

Apart from probably the most excellent spots in the world, the Morocco likewise rises above you to a culture and way of life, that can rarely be experienced anywhere today. In the event that you intend to visit Morocco at any point in the near future, ensure you visit these enchanting famous spots in Morocco also. These spots are your response to where to visit in Morocco for sure!

Why Visit Morocco?

In case this is the main inquiry that sprung up in your head that what are the best places to find in Morocco, the second we recommended you to put it on your list, indeed, here’s the reason:

  • Extremely warm, inviting, and exquisite individuals
  • Rich Culture
  • Entrancing spots to go in Morocco
  • Perfect convenience choices
  • Colorful food, which is a great mix of different cultures
  • Clamoring nightlife and a perpetual number of shopping roads
  • Totally worth your time and cash
  1. Asilah – Sandy Beaches And Prolonged City Walls

Arranged on Morocco’s North Atlantic coast, seaside Asilah is well known among the tourists and citizens as a sweltering summer spot. Apart from the sandy sea shores, the city walls covered in colorful paintings likewise make this city one of the top Morocco spots to visit! This is one of the magnificent reasons why a vacation excursion to Morocco ought to be on your list of must-dos!

In case you are here during August, remember to go to the town’s lively yearly Arts Festival which makes it each young person’s #1 city in Morocco during this time!

Step by step instructions to Reach: Asilah is situated on the rail line linking Tangier to Rabat, Casablanca, Marrakech, Meknes, and Fez. Board train from any of the referenced spots to reach here.

Visit For:

Enjoying some respite from the warmth.

Tourist Attractions: Paradise Beach


  • Shop in the little souk
  • Head to Restaurant Oceano Casa Pepe for an extravagant lunch
  • Visit Aplanos, the famous art exhibition

2. Essaouira (Mogador) – For GOT Lovers!

Essaouira is one of the top Morocco tourist attractions. What’s more, not on the grounds that it’s a great city to move away from the warmth and repetitiveness of the large city’s way of life, yet in addition since it’s where season three of Game of Thrones was shot!

What makes it more mainstream is that, thinking back to the 60’s, this seaside town was a well known sea shore hangout for superstars like Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley. No one can say with any certainty, you may very well wind up gathering your most loved celeb on your visit to Essaouira! If not, don’t miss the Gnaoua, quite possibly the most striking sea shore celebrations in the world.


  • Walk around the medina or wander along the wall to take in dazzling perspectives on the Atlantic sea
  • Explore the ramparts
  • Go for horse riding, or windsurfing and kitesurfing
  • In the event that possible, go to the Gnaoua World Music Festival

3. High Atlas – Paradise For Trekkers

Being North Africa’s highest mountain range, High Atlas is prevalently known as the heap of mountains. This spot is a paradise for trekkers, particularly from spring to harvest time. It runs slantingly across Morocco for around 1000 km, and its saw-toothed Jurassic pinnacles go about as a climate boundary.

Out of the relative multitude of best places to visit in Morocco, this one is lovely to the point that it will blow your mind! Get your hiking shoes out and set off on an excursion you’ll remember forever!


  • Go for a hiking trail in the Toubkal National Park
  • Explore the trinket shops and restaurants in Imlil
  • Enjoy marvelous perspectives from the Tizi n’Test Pass

Despite its advanced age and architecture, Meknes advances toward the list of the top best places to visit in Morocco. It is situated in the north of Morocco, and is a ninth century medina and furthermore one of the country’s previous capitals.

4. Meknes – The Ninth Century Medina

On your visit here, while you may feel that it’s not as fine as different urban areas to visit in Morocco, however the royal palace and other major authentic locales are an ideal stop to find out about Morocco’s culture. Remember to visit its enchanting attractions that make it so famous among tourists looking for intriguing Arabian experiences.

Step by step instructions to Reach: Board a nearby train or hire a taxi to reach Meknes comfortably.

Visit For: Exploring the major verifiable locales like Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail, Bab Mansour, Dar Jamai Museum, and so forth

Tourist Attractions:

Roman remains of Volubilis


  • Require a roadtrip to the ridge pilgrimage town of Moulay Idriss
  • Visit the Dar Jamai Museum to find out about Morocco’s architecture
  • Capture pictures of the eminent Bab Mansour Gate

Set in the midst of the Rif Mountains, Chefchaouen – otherwise called the blue city is a humble community in a huge scene. Among all the Morocco urban areas to visit, this one is well known for solo traveling and investigating the town’s famous blue and white painted houses.

5. Chefchaouen – Painted Ambiance

Individuals are additionally really well disposed, so you will surely will revel in some sweet cordiality here that makes this one of the top spots to visit in Morocco. Remember to look at the secluded and calm Ras El Maa, perhaps the most captivating and secret spots to visit in Morocco.


  • Go for hiking and wild swimming in the surrounding countryside
  • Enjoy a beverage in the midst of the architecture of the Outa el Hammam square
  • Absorb the entrancing waterfalls of Ras El Maa

Arranged on the coast, Rabat is the nation’s capital and one of the top Morocco tourist attractions. The all year great climate and the serene Morocco sea shores are several reasons behind its ubiquity. Its wonderful experiences make it perhaps the best spot in Morocco!

6. Rabat – Stunning Capital City

The city has another part, which has wide roads and outdoor bistros, and the old town or medina, which has fortified walls. With such a lot of that it offers to tourists of any age and nationalities, you should ensure you don’t skirt this spot off your agenda!


  • Take a tour of the Hassan Tower
  • Visit Chellah and departure the group
  • Purchase anything from trinkets to fresh create from the medina

Probably the best spot in Morocco for the individuals who look for ways less taken, Rose Valley is as excellent as possible get. With different tints of green, unblemished blue waters, snow-covered Atlas Mountains, and tremendous patches of olive and fig trees forming its scene, Rose Valley is genuinely an incredible sight. A break for the adventure addicts, this valley got its name from the huge pink gardens of roses that cover the floors of Morocco.

7. Rose Valley – Fragrance All Around

The sweet and overpowering aroma, pink perspectives whenever visited in the ideal month, and oil factories join to form an experience in this valley in May. One can just go through a really long time taking in the excellence that this spot has to bring to the table.


  • Go for trekking
  • Absorb the magnificence of the compelling force of nature

8. Casablanca – Modernity Yet Cultured

While Casablanca probably won’t be just about as climatic as different urban areas, it is without a doubt perhaps the best spot to visit in Morocco, and the ideal representation of modernity. The city’s staggering moresque structures, which merge the French-pioneer design with the traditional Moroccan style, is the best thing to admire here. Attributable to its wonderful food and architecture, it is definitely among the best places to travel in Morocco.


  • Get around the city in a Casa Tramway
  • Enjoy grand perspectives on the city from the Casablanca Twin Center
  • Visit the King’s Palace and witness the Islamic design work of art

9. Sahara Desert – Glance Sunset Over Dunes

The desert is totally an unquestionable requirement visit when you’re in Morocco. From watching the dazzling dusk over the dunes to looking at the sky loaded with splendid stars, each experience in the desert is charming and unforgettable. Ensure that out of the relative multitude of best places to visit in Morocco, you do save a couple of days for an outing to the Sahara Desert, perhaps the best spot to travel in Morocco!


  • Attempt desert safaris or camel bands
  • Relish the picturesque perspectives on the Draa Valley, which stretches from the city of Ouarzazate into the desert.
  • Interface with the locals
  • Go for a camel safari group trek

11. Marrakech – Bustling City With A Large Medina

Found north of the lower regions of the Atlas Mountains, Marrakech is a clamoring city with a huge medina, and one of the well known Morocco tourist attractions. From the central square of Djemma El-Fna to the El Badi Palace, and the clamoring souks or marketplaces, there’s a great deal to do and see here! Shopping is perhaps the best thing to do in Morocco, and Marrakech the best spot for it. Indeed, Marrakech is additionally considered the most secure city to visit in Morocco beside Agadir. This is surely probably the best spot to go in Morocco.


  • Visit the Jemaa El Fna and shop at the souks
  • Find out about Morocco’s culture through the Dar Si Said Museum
  • Snatch a beverage at Kechmara or have an extravagant supper at Hotel La Maison Arabe

12. Agadir – Thriving Seaside Resort Town

After quite a bit of it was destroyed in the earthquake in 1960, including different of its legacy locales, Agadir has finally managed to become alive once again. It is currently a flourishing seaside resort town with a delightful waterfront and a relaxed energy whichever direction you head in, which is the reason this lovely town can be called the best spot in Morocco for couples. This is surely among the best places to visit in Morocco.

Flaunting its fight scars with pride, this occupied and clamoring port city has transformed into one of the top spots to visit in Morocco. From walking around its delightful streets, basking under the sun on its sea shores, to pigging out on Moroccan delicacies at the different food slows down, there’s a ton one can do during their excursion to Agadir in Morocco.


  • Walk around the Agadir Beach
  • Climb to the Souss-Massa National Park
  • Jump into Morocco’s set of experiences at the Agadir Museum

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